What a blessing it was to have Charles Andrew Payne come to Light of Christ School to talk with our students about his journey from Grenada as a 9-year-old boy to his life as a writer, comedian, and actor in Calgary, AB. Charles enlightened our students by telling them about his life in Grenada and the many challenges he experienced in his life. He spoke about how he overcame those challenges to become the man he is today.

Pastor Bruce Barnes

The only light after the world falls into chaos is a charming new leader who rises to the head of the UN, but does he bring hope for a better future? Or is it the end of the world?

Jefferson Davis

Miles Morales (Eb Mensah) is still trying to find his footing and voice as the new Spider-Man of New York City, while also keeping up with his regular life as a student and son of New York Police Officer Jefferson Davis (Charles Payne).


To process feelings of resentment towards his absent father, Markus hires a therapeutic surrogate for an afternoon. Synposis (Spoiler Alert) Markus, a young man, feels that he has missed out substantially on having a relationship with his father.   <Read more on IMDB>

Maz’s Dad

Four teenagers from different social groups team up to break into city hall to wipe their parking tickets clean, in hopes to save their summers.

Malik Samuels

A communal effort jam-packed with local talent, this brainchild of local actor and comedian Patrick Creery puts on display the often quirky behaviours present in any group of diverse people that unites for a single cause… <Read more on IMBD>

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